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Moclips is the northernmost of a string of beach towns along the Pacific between Point Grenville and Ocean Shores. The Northern Pacific Railroad opened its North Beach line in 1905, serving shingle mills and small beach resorts. The queen of these resorts was the 300-room Moclips Beach Hotel, built on pilings at the edge of the sea. Storm waves destroyed the hotel and much of the town in 1911. The shingle mills are long gone, too, but Moclips is still a popular beach getaway.
The beach south of the mouth of the Moclips River was formerly called Moonstone for its once-plentiful agate beds. North of the river the beach curves to the rocky headland of Point Grenville. A Spanish expedition commanded by Bruno Heceta landed here on July 14, 1775, claiming the land in the name of King Carlos III. The Quinault Indian Reservation begins at the northern edge of town. Note: Access to beaches within the reservation by non-tribal members is prohibited.
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