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Moodus has been a center for twine production for more than a century, but an even older distinction is the strange subterranean rumblings associated with the area. Native American legend claimed the noises were the threats of evil spirits; early settlers believed they were the work of the devil.
Another legend maintains that in 1765 one Dr. Steele from Great Britain disappeared while researching the phenomenon, leaving word that the sounds were caused by two pearls he had discovered. He warned the residents that he had found others in miniature, that, when developed, would produce the same effect. The “Moodus Noises” did not recur until 1791 when explosions and violent shocks that opened crevices in the earth again shook the area. Scientists believe that the sounds are the result of movement along intersecting fractures in the Earth's crust.
Named after the mysterious noises (the name means “place of bad noises” in a Native American dialect), Machimoodus State Park , 1.5 miles west from junction SRs 149 and 151 to 128 Leesville Rd., includes 300 acres of uplands, woodlands and meadows with scenic views of the Salmon and Moodus rivers. Recreational activities include bird watching, fishing, hiking, horseback riding and picnicking; phone (860) 526-2336.
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