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The “true north” of the First Nations and fur traders is still evident in Moosonee, a village 24 kilometres (15 mi.) up the Moose River from James Bay. In contrast to nearby Moose Factory Island, one of the oldest English-speaking settlements in Ontario, Moosonee was founded in 1903 when the Revillon Frères Trading Co. established a post. To this day no roads lead to the town; access is via rail or air from Cochrane.
Until the arrival of the railway in 1932, Moosonee was just another isolated frontier settlement, at least 8 to 10 days away from the nearest city by canoe or snowshoe. It still functions as the gateway to the Arctic and as a departure point for plane and boat excursions into the northern bush.
Tidewater Provincial Park, comprising four islands in the Moose River, offers walking trails and campsites.
Polar Bear Provincial Park, in the subarctic wilderness of northern Ontario, is accessible only by charter plane. Scheduled flights are available to Peawanuck. Permits are required for aircraft landing and/or camping in the interior of the park, and are available from the Northeast Zone Office, P.O. Box 730, 2 Third Ave., Cochrane, ON, Canada P0L 1C0; phone (705) 272-7107.

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