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Encompassing some 27,000 square miles, Navajoland includes parts of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. Larger than the state of West Virginia, the sovereign nation is the largest Native American nation in the country.
From the stark monoliths of Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park and the sheer walls of Canyon de Chelly National Monument to the ancient ruins of Navajo National Monument, Navajoland is home to more than a dozen national monuments. The area also contains the Petrified Forest National Park, 186-mile-long Lake Powell and various tribal parks and historic sites.
Heritage is important to the Navajo, and singing and dancing give the Navajo a chance to wear their traditional attire. Tribal dress includes knee-high moccasins, velvet vests, concho belts and silver and turquoise jewelry for both men and women. Powwows often are performed throughout the Navajo nation and visitors are invited to observe.
The Navajo, or Dineh, consider themselves an extension of Mother Earth and therefore treat nature with great respect. Not only rich in culture, the Navajo live in an area rich in minerals; oil, gas, coal and uranium lie beneath the arid desert. The discovery of oil in the 1920s prompted the Navajo to form their own tribal government to help handle the encroachment of mining companies.
Reorganized in 1991, the Navajo government consists of an elected president, vice president and 88 council delegates representing 110 local units of government. Council meetings take place four times a year in Window Rock; visitors are welcome.
Tradition also can be seen in the Navajo's arts and crafts, particularly the distinctive style of their vibrantly-colored rugs and blankets as well silver pieces, basketry and sand paintings. Visitors to the area can purchase Navajo wares at various shops throughout the area.
The following places in Navajoland are listed separately under their individual names: Fort Defiance, Ganado, Kayenta, Keams Canyon, Page, Second Mesa, Tuba City and Window Rock. Visitors should be aware of certain restrictions while in Navajoland.

Navajo Tourism Department-Navajoland Address not available NAVAJOLAND, AZ . Phone:(928)810-8501
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