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Nestor Falls is 60 miles north of the border towns of International Falls, Minn., and Fort Frances, Ontario, on the eastern slopes of Lake of the Woods. It sits on the span of land separating Lake of the Woods on the west from Kakabikitchiwan and Crow lakes on the east.
The area is noted for the diversity and strength of its fishery, which includes bass, bullheads, crappie, northern and walleyed pike, lake trout and muskie. Bountiful wildlife provides photography opportunities. Mink, deer, bears and moose are commonly seen. Camping, hiking and water sports abound. In winter, ice fishing, snowmobiling and skiing are popular.
The falls of Nestor Falls, on Hwy. 71 between Kenora and Fort Frances, drop 12 metres (40 ft.) between Lake Kakabikitchiwan and Sabaskong Bay in Lake of the Woods. The falls can be seen from an overlook area on Hwy. 71.
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