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Location of the first commercial oil well in North America (1858), Oil Springs was the site of a huge boom in the early 1860s, following the discovery of surface asphalt here in the mid-1850s. Even before the first well was dug, asphalt—oil that seeped to the surface and hardened—was shipped to Paris, France, in 1855 to pave its sidewalks. In 1862 the first gusher turned the area into a boom town overnight.
Within years the boom had ended and drillers moved 10 kilometres (6 mi.) north to Petrolia, where the industry has endured. More than 300 wells are still active in the Oil Springs area, many using 19th-century technology. They can be easily seen during a 5-minute drive around the perimeter of the village. Oil Springs is part of the Oil Heritage Tour, which includes signs on CR 21 (Oil Heritage Road) and on Hwy. 402.

Tourism Sarnia-Lambton—Oil Springs 1455 Venetian Blvd. POINT EDWARD, ON N7T 7W7. Phone:(519)336-3232 or (800)265-0316

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