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With the Penobscot River providing waterpower and transportation, Old Town grew into a busy sawmilling and iron-making center in the early 19th century. In 1836 it became the northern terminus of New England's first railroad—a 13-mile line between the Penobscot Ironworks and Bangor. The city spans several islands in the Penobscot River.
The Old Town Canoe Co. makes canoes of fiberglass and other modern materials but is best known as one of the last remaining producers of traditional canvas and wooden canoes. A visitor center is at 125 Gilman Falls Ave.; phone (207) 827-1530.
The Penobscot Indian reservation occupies Indian Island at the north edge of the city and numerous uninhabited isles in the Penobscot River as far north as Mattawamkeag. Once the largest tribe of the Abenaki Confederacy, the Penobscots were excellent woodsmen and basket makers. A few Penobscot-made baskets can still be found in shops on the island.

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