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More than 30 years before Oklahoma became a state, the town's original settlers were aided by the Pawnee Indians, a peaceful tribe who inhabited the area for many years. A man who taught among the Pawnees, Gordon W. Lillie, alias Pawnee Bill, also was one of the leaders of the Oklahoma “boomers,” a group that pushed for the opening of the territory to settlement in 1889.
Pawnee Bill is best known, however, as a showman who traveled through Europe and America with wife May Manning, performing and preserving scenes from a dying way of life—that of the Wild West cowboys.
Besides the Pawnees, four other tribes remain: the Kaws, the Otoes, the Poncas and the Tonkawas. The Pawnee Indian Agency, Native American schools and a hospital serve the area.

Pawnee Chamber of Commerce 613 Harrison St. PAWNEE, OK 74058. Phone:(918)762-2108

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