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The Pendleton district was formed soon after the Cherokees ceded their territory to South Carolina in 1777. Named for Judge Henry Pendleton of Culpeper, Va., whose Culpeper Minute Men were among the first Revolutionary militia in the South, the town became an important government, business and cultural center because of its location at the crossroads of two major Native American trading paths.
Pendleton also became popular with wealthy Lowcountry families who built large plantations as summer retreats. Most notable are Ashtabula, on SR 88, and Woodburn, on US 76, both built in the 1820s.
The Pendleton Historic District, one of the largest national historic areas, is comprised of more than 6,000 acres with some 40 private residences and public and commercial buildings. Landmarks include the Farmer's Society Hall, an 1826 Greek Revival structure on the original village green; St. Paul's Episcopal Church, where the John C. Calhoun family worshipped; and Hunter's Store, an 1850s mercantile establishment. Guided walking tours are available by appointment from the Pendleton District Historical, Recreational and Tourism Commission.

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Pendleton District Historical, Recreational and Tourism Commission 125 E. Queen St. PENDLETON, SC 29670. Phone:(864)646-3782 or (800)862-1795

Self-guiding tours
Self-guiding tour brochures are available from Pendleton District Historical, Recreational and Tourism Commission.
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