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On Oct. 8, 1871, Chicago was not the only community in flames. About 270 miles to the north was a forest area that had been plagued for days with small fires in the dry woodlands. On that October day winds whipped the small blazes into great ones; towns were leveled and more than 1,200 people perished. In Peshtigo alone 800 residents died.
A monument to the dead is in the Peshtigo Fire Cemetery. The Peshtigo Fire Museum, containing local items relating to the tragedy, is at 400 Oconto Ave.; phone (715) 582-3244. The Green Bay West Shores Wildlife Area—Peshtigo Harbor Unit, about 6 miles southeast on CR BB, is primarily a waterfowl habitat and refuge.

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Peshtigo Chamber of Commerce 240 French St. PESHTIGO, WI 54157. Phone:(715)582-0327
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