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In the heart of mineral-rich Flint Creek Valley, the town of Philipsburg emerged at the height of a silver-mining boom in 1867 and was named for Philip Deidesheimer, a former Comstock engineer who built the area's first ore processing mill. The mill closed in 1869, marking the first of several mining busts and subsequent booms. The demand for manganese in steel production during World War I fueled a final ore producing period that lasted until the Great Depression.
The historic district, centered on Broadway, contains numerous late 19th- and early 20th-century structures. Outlying abandoned mines and ghost towns also attest to Philipsburg's mining legacy, although very few are still accessible. The surrounding Sapphire and Flint Creek mountain ranges attract a new breed of prospector, the rock hound, in search of gems and minerals.
Philipsburg is midway between Drummond and Anaconda on the Pintler Scenic Highway (SR 1). Broad views of Flint Creek Valley are available near mile markers 28 and 42.

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Visit Philipsburg 204 W. Broadway St. PHILIPSBURG, MT 59858. Phone:(406)859-6726
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The Ranch at Rock Creek
79 Carriage House Ln. Philipsburg, MT 59858
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