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Pioche was one of the roughest mining camps in the West during the 1870s. Some 75 souls had been laid to rest in the town's Boot Hill before the first interment that was due to natural causes. The lack of success in solving disagreements led to such epitaphs as “Fanny Peterson, July 12, 1872. They loved til death did them part. He killed her.”
The former Lincoln County Courthouse, 69 Lacour St., is better known as the Million Dollar Courthouse. Although contracted and budgeted at a cost of $16,400 in the early 1870s, cost overruns, graft and bond interest had ballooned that figure to almost $1 million by the time the debt was finally paid off in 1936. By then the courthouse had been condemned; the building and the four lots on which it stood were sold 25 years later for $150. Now restored, it contains a re-created jail, courthouse and district attorney's office as well as town memorabilia and a mining exhibit; phone (775) 962-5544 or (775) 962-5426.
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Pioche Chamber of Commerce 644 Main St. PIOCHE, NV 89043. Phone:(775)962-5544
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