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Incorporated in 1925, Polk City is near the Lake Wales Ridge, the highest ground on the Florida peninsula. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, when most of Florida was underwater, the ridge was part of an island chain that was isolated from the rest of North America. As a result of this isolation, the area today includes sandhill and scrub habitats that are home to a host of rare, threatened and endangered species.
The Water Ski Museum and Hall of Fame at 1251 Holy Cow Rd. contains vintage water ski paraphernalia from the early days of the sport including two pine boards that are said to be the very first water skis ever used; phone (863) 324-2472.

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Central Florida's Visitor Information Center 101 Adventure Ct. DAVENPORT, FL 33837. Phone:(863)420-2586 or (800)828-7655
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