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Port Tobacco, originally settled by the English in 1634, became the second largest river port in Maryland. Much of the tobacco sent to England was loaded at the town dock. A severe buildup of silt in the river and the passage of the railroad through nearby La Plata eventually diminished Port Tobacco's importance. Near the end of the 19th century the county seat was moved to La Plata, and the old port languished.
Port Tobacco Historical Village consists of a village green bordered by a reconstructed Federal-style courthouse; two restored 18th-century houses; one reconstructed 19th-century house; and the Burch House (also known as the Salt Box), a restored 1700 house on Cheapside Street. Guided walking tours of the village are offered Fri.-Sun. 10-4 and Mon. by appointment. Phone (301) 392-3418 for historic home tours.
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