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Presidio Santa Cruz de Terrenate National Historic Site is 4 miles north of Tombstone on SR 80, 6 miles west on SR 82 to Fairbank, .75 miles west to In Balance Ranch Road, then 2 miles north in the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area. Established by the Spanish in 1776 on the banks of the San Pedro River, the presidio was built to protect the overland route east of Tucson. Because of the frequent Apache raids as well as the lack of proper supplies, Terrenate was abandoned less than 5 years after its establishment.
The site, once consisting of seven structures built around a central courtyard, contains signs showing what each of the structures originally looked like. Many of the adobe walls that surrounded the presidio are eroded and only a few remain. They were planned to be 15 feet tall, but were built to only 12 feet due to lack of funds. In addition, the bastion/gunpowder storehouse was never completed, and less than one-fourth of the planned barracks were never constructed because of insufficient funding.
The historic site is fragile, and visitors are instructed by signs to stay on the trails and not to touch the remaining structures. A 1.2-mile dirt trail leads from the parking lot to the presidio. Camping is permitted. Visitors should bring their own food and water as no facilities are available. Site admission free. Camping $2 per person per night. Phone (520) 439-6400.
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Current Location: Presidio Santa Cruz De Terrenate National Historic Site, Arizona