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The so-called Quincy Basin, a 25-square-mile ancient lake bed, was first settled by cattle ranchers in the late 1800s. The Great Northern Railroad opened its main line through here in 1892, though the main station was 8 miles west in Trinidad. Hundreds of families homesteaded in this area in the early 1900s, hoping for a way that water could revive the desert land.
In 1933 the federal government announced the colossal Grand Coulee Dam project, and the promise of irrigation became a reality when water began flowing through the West Canal in 1951. In addition to being a supply, processing and storage center for the surrounding agricultural district, Quincy also is headquarters for several computer data centers.

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Quincy Valley Chamber of Commerce 119 F St. S.E. QUINCY, WA 98848. Phone:(509)787-2140
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