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San Angel (sahn AHN-hehl) was once a small town far removed from colonial Mexico City. Like other southern suburbs, however, it has been overtaken by the capital's inexorable growth. Even so, a leisurely stroll past San Angel's elegant colonial mansions and bougainvillea-draped walls is a trip back through history and a welcome respite from downtown Mexico City's noise and congestion.
In the beautifully leafy Bombilla Park (Parque de la Bombilla), at the junction of avenidas La Paz and Insurgentes Sur, stands a granite monument honoring Gen. Alvaro Obregón. Obregón helped draft the Constitution of 1917 and was the first president of post-revolutionary Mexico. He was assassinated in San Angel by a religious fanatic in 1928.
A few blocks southwest of the park off Avenida La Paz is Plaza San Jacinto, a pleasant square bordered by cobblestone streets, tucked-away restaurants and outdoor cafes. A plaque in the square honors members of St. Patrick's Battalion, a group of Irish immigrants who deserted the U.S. Army and sided with Mexico during the Mexican-American War. Today the plaza is known for its Saturday Bazaar, or Bazar del Sábado (described under the Mexico City Shopping section).

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