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At the mouth of the French and Waugh rivers, Tatamagouche is named for a First Nations word meaning “meeting place of the waters.” The original French settlement came to an abrupt end in 1755, when a detachment of New Englanders destroyed Tatamagouche and two schooners bound for the Louisbourg fortress with supplies.
Following the close of the Seven Years' War, a second attempt at settlement was directed by Col. Joseph Frederick Walsh Desbarres, a French Huguenot who received a land grant along the French and Waugh rivers. Nothing remains of the village he built, although many residents of Tatamagouche trace their lineage to these first Huguenot settlers.
One notable resident was Anna Swan, born in 1846. The 240-centimetre-tall (8-ft.) woman toured with P.T. Barnum's “Greatest Show on Earth” for several years.
The Fraser Cultural Centre on Main Street contains maritime art, North Shore archives, the Tatamagouche Visitor Information Centre and a room devoted to Anna Swan and her husband; phone (902) 657-3285.

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Tatamagouche Visitor Information Centre 362 Main St. TATAMAGOUCHE, NS B0K 1V0. Phone:(902)657-3285
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