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Native Americans used the slick film on Oil Creek to mix their war paints, and enterprising settlers bottled and sold it as a medicinal concoction called Seneca Oil. Not until 1859 when Col. Edwin Drake drilled a well, did oil begin to revolutionize industry and spur progress around the world. Titusville's status as birthplace of the oil industry earned Oil Creek Valley its title of “the valley that changed the world,” and the city became a wealthy boom town. Pennsylvania was the nation's number one oil producer until 1901, when production peaked and the oil industry began striking richer fields in the West.
Today evidence of the town's wealth can be found downtown on Main and Perry streets, which are lined with mansions showcasing varying architectural designs, including Queen Anne and Victorian.

Visitor Info
Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce 202 W. Central Ave. TITUSVILLE, PA 16354. Phone:(814)827-2941

Self-guiding tours
Visitors can stroll past fine examples of architecture while touring the tree-lined streets of Titusville. A brochure is available at the chamber of commerce.

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Drake Well Museum
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