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Note: For current information about safety/security issues in Uruapan and the state of Michoacán, refer to the U.S. State Department website (
Uruapan (oo-roo-AH-pahn) means “place where the flowers bloom,” and the lush vegetation seen throughout the city is a testament to the warm climate (it is nearly 2,000 feet lower in elevation than nearby Pátzcuaro). Orange groves and plantations growing coffee, bananas and especially avocados flourish in the fertile farmland that surrounds the city. Uruapan also is known for hand-painted lacquerware carved from cedar and other native woods.
Uruapan is located in a region that is experiencing ongoing drug cartel violence, and the city has a very visible police and military presence.

Visitor Info
Michoacán State Tourism Office (Delegación de Turismo) Calle Independencia URUAPAN, MC . Phone:(452)524-7199

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Eduardo Ruiz Park
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Current Location: Uruapanmichoacan, Michoacan
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Blvd Industrial No. 1705, Col Villa Uruapan. Uruapan, MC 
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Calz de La Rodilla del Diablo No. 20. Uruapan, MC 
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