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Victor was founded in 1893 at the base of Battle Mountain, one of the world's richest sources of gold. Some 475 mines in the Cripple Creek-Victor district extracted more than $800 million in gold 1891-1961. In the prime of its mining heyday at the turn of the 20th century, the town's population topped 12,000, and dozens of trains rolled through daily.
More than 300 houses and buildings from Victor's early days still stand, including city hall, where Jack Dempsey once trained, and the Victor Record newspaper building, where well-known journalist Lowell Thomas worked as a young man.
Several trails wind past remnants of the 1890s gold mines and mill sites. Hikers, bicyclists and those on horseback take advantage of the sights in summer, while those on skis and snowshoes take over when the weather turns frosty.
Victor can be reached from Colorado Springs via US 24 and SR 67 through Cripple Creek, or by turning southeast onto CR 81 just before reaching Cripple Creek and following the roadbed of the old Midland Terminal Railroad.
Scenic access in summer is by the Gold Camp Road (CR 4) from Colorado Springs or the Phantom Canyon Highway (SR 67) from US 50 west of Pueblo. Only experienced drivers should attempt the Gold Camp and Phantom Canyon routes. Neither one is suitable for trailers and some RVs. Call for road conditions before starting. For Gold Camp Road and Phantom Canyon Highway, phone (719) 636-1602; (719) 275-2331 or (800) 876-7922.

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Southern Teller County Focus Group Address not available VICTOR, CO . Phone:(719)689-2675

Self-guiding tours
Brochures for a self-guiding walking tour of downtown Victor's historic buildings are available at the Victor Lowell Thomas Museum and at the Victor Hotel, 4th Street and Victor Avenue.
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