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The legendary curative powers of Warm Springs have lured the hopeful for centuries. Wounded Native American warriors gathered at the springs before Europeans colonized the New World. In the late 1700s the springs were discovered by yellow fever victims, and by 1832 Warm Springs had become a popular summer health resort. The resort survived the torch of Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman only to be reduced to ashes by a runaway bonfire in 1865. Rebuilt, Warm Springs flourished in the 1880s and 1890s and was incorporated in 1893.
After contracting polio, Franklin Delano Roosevelt visited the springs in 1924 hoping to improve his health. A few years later he established the Warm Springs Foundation for the care and treatment of fellow polio victims who could not afford such medical help.
Although Warm Springs' popularity as a resort waned after Roosevelt's death, restoration efforts have attracted visitors who come to browse through the crafts shops housed in former grocery and dime stores. Artisans can be seen at work in more than 30 stores, and musicians and cloggers perform on the stage of the old pavilion during events.

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Meriwether Warm Springs Regional Visitor Information Center 1 Broad St. WARM SPRINGS, GA 31830. Phone:(706)655-3322
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