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Weippe (WEE-ipe) sits on its namesake prairie, a 9-by-20-mile upland area of mixed grassland and forest, today given over to grain cultivation and forestry. Blue blossoms of camas carpet the expanse in the spring. The edible bulb was an important food for the Nez Perce Indians, who had several summer encampments on the prairie. Just south of Weippe, members of the Lewis and Clark expedition, nearing starvation after their arduous crossing of the Bitterroot Mountains, were welcomed and sustained by the Nez Perce in 1805.
Weippe is on the 43-mile Gold Rush Historic Byway, which follows SR 11 from Greer to Headquarters. Roadside plaques describe points of interest along the scenic route.
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Pierce-Weippe Chamber of Commerce 204 Wood St. WEIPPE, ID 83553. Phone:(208)435-4406
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Weippe Discovery Center
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