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Established in 1818, Wellington did not achieve its potential until 1850 when the railroad arrived. A station on the Underground Railroad, the town was the site of the Oberlin/Wellington Slave Rescue of 1858. By 1880 the town was known as the “Cheese Capital of the United States,” with more than 40 cheese factories in the area.
Wellington was the 1855-75 home of Archibald M. Willard, painter of the classic “Spirit of '76.” A copy of the artwork, along with many Willard originals, hangs in the town library at 101 Willard Memorial Square and in the Spirit of '76 Museum at 201 N. Main St.; phone (440) 647-2120 and (440) 647-4367, respectively. Another notable native was Myron T. Herrick, governor of Ohio 1904-06 and ambassador to France, 1912-14 and 1921-29.
There are many opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, fishing, camping, kayaking, disc golf and paddleboating at Wellington Reservation and Findley State Park.
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