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Westport is on Brier Island, Nova Scotia’s westernmost point. The town is a 1-hour drive and two ferry trips from Digby via lovely Digby Neck and Long Island. The island’s three lighthouses guide ships through the surrounding treacherous waters. Two of them, the Grand Passage Light (Northern Light) and the Brier Island Light (Western Light), can be reached by car.
Westport was the childhood home of Joshua Slocum, who in 1898 became the first person to sail around the world alone. A plaque honoring Slocum is part of a small memorial on the island's eastern edge within sight of the Peters Island Lighthouse.
Brier Island’s location in the sea-life-rich Bay of Fundy and its position on bird migration routes makes it a prime spot to view the area’s abundant wildlife. Seals and porpoises as well as minke, humpback, finback and right whales are among the marine mammals visitors can see. Whale-watch and bird-watching cruises depart from Westport spring through fall.
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