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Settled in 1707, Wickford was a key port for shipping produce from the rich plantations of South County to the bustling markets of Newport. Commerce came to a halt during the Revolutionary War, but Wickford's economy rebounded with a shipping boom 1780-1830. Many houses from this period still stand.
Nearby in North Kingstown, the Quonset Air Museum, 488 Eccleston Ave., chronicles Rhode Island's aviation history while allowing visitors to observe aircraft from World War II to the post-Vietnam War era being restored; phone (401) 294-9540.
Martha’s Vineyard Fast Ferry operates from Quonset Point at 1347 Roger Williams Way in North Kingstown to Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard, with daily departures Memorial Day weekend through Columbus Day; phone (401) 295-4040 for information or reservations.

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