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Situated along the Trinity River, Willow Creek is at the junction of two scenic byways, SR 299 and SR 96. The town's former name, China Flat, is a reference to Chinese laborers who once worked in mines and lumber mills. Outdoor recreation rules today; surrounded by the rugged wilderness of Six Rivers National Forest, this area offers numerous opportunities for backpacking, mountain biking, fishing and white-water rafting.
The primeval wilderness setting surrounding Willow Creek has been the scene of many alleged “Bigfoot” sightings. Also known as Sasquatch, Bigfoot—most often described as a large, hairy, apelike humanoid—is thought by some to inhabit forests in the Pacific Northwest, although the great majority of scientists attribute documented incidents to a combination of folklore, mistaken identification and hoax.
One of the most publicized sightings occurred back in 1967, when Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin used a hand-held 16 mm Kodak camera to film a large hominid walking across a sandbar on Bluff Creek, about 25 miles north of Willow Creek. Argosy, a men's adventure magazine, published an article that included photo stills; many years later, however, an acquaintance of the two Bigfoot investigators claimed he had donned a gorilla suit for the making of the film. It's no wonder, then, that Willow Creek bills itself the “Bigfoot Capital of the World” with tongue planted somewhat firmly in cheek.

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