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Amiable little Wolseley earned the nickname “The Town With the Swinging Bridge” when just such a contraption was built over man-made Fairly Lake in the center of town. The bridge, which connected homes on the north side of the lake with businesses on the south side, has had a checkered history: It was destroyed by a storm in 1954, rebuilt 10 years later, collapsed in 1993 during repairs and reopened again in 2004 thanks to the fund-raising efforts of the Heritage Canada Foundation.
The Romanesque-style Town Hall & Opera House, at the corner of Richmond and Varennes streets, was completed in 1907. The two-tone brick building (brick was imported from Manitoba when the local supply ran out) housed the town's administrative offices, fire hall, library, jail cell and community hall—commonly known as an Opera House—where touring vaudeville, theatrical and opera companies would perform. The building was extensively refurbished in the early 1990s.
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