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Although Yarmouth was first settled in 1636, permanent habitation was not possible until 1713 due to repeated attacks by Native Americans. Early residents took advantage of the power provided by four waterfalls on the Royal River, and the economy prospered due to fishing, lumbering, shipbuilding and farming.
Of interest is a 41.5-foot-high rotating globe dubbed EARTHA, on view in the lobby of DeLorme, a mapping company at 2 DeLorme Dr. Exhibits describe data-gathering technology used to create the globe.
Yarmouth is known as a scenic coastal community. Picnicking, strolls on paved pathways and views of picturesque waterfalls are possible at Royal River Park, on Elm Street off SR 115.

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Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce 162 Main St. YARMOUTH, ME 04096. Phone:(207)846-3984

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Yarmouth History Center
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