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Exchanging currency with AAA is fast, easy and convenient.

Traveling abroad? You'll need cash in hand.

Be prepared upon arrival to your international destination by adding foreign currency to your travel wallet. As a member, you can conveniently purchase in advance through AAA without paying excessive ATM or credit card foreign transaction fees. Then you can enjoy your trip from the get-go by using cash to pay for incidentals such as taxis, snacks, pay restrooms and more. Cash also empowers you to haggle with merchants who do not accept plastic for payment.

Order foreign currency from your travel expert.

Purchasing foreign currency through AAA is fast, easy and convenient, with more than 80 currencies all available at competitive rates. And next-day delivery is free with a minimum purchase.1

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To order online:

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Did you know?

More than half of all transactions under $10 are paid for in cash and more than 35% of all transactions under $25 are made in cash?

Knowing this, many travelers plan for at least $100 per day in cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

+  Why do I need foreign currency? Why not simply use my credit or debit card?

+  Why not purchase at the airport or destination?

+  What currencies do you offer?

+  What is the minimum/maximum currency I can order?

+  How quickly can I receive my currency?

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Currency exchange services provided by Currency Exchange International, Corp. The information on this page is subject to change without notice.

1 Currency is delivered the next business day nationwide for all orders received before 3:00pm local time (earlier cutoff times apply for residents of Alaska and Hawaii). Members should contact their local AAA for minimum purchase requirements.