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AAA National
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How we started

At the turn of the last century, only an estimated 23,000 motor vehicles were registered in the United States, compared to 17 million horses. Roads were treacherous and driving restrictive. Vehicles, unreliable at best and scorned by owners of horse-drawn carriages, were targeted with unfair traffic laws.

Fortunately, conditions began to change in 1902 when delegates from nine independent motor clubs representing fewer than 1,000 members came together in Chicago to form the American Automobile Association. Its mission was simple: combat unfair traffic laws and campaign for better roads and more reliable vehicles.

And so our tradition of service was born. Over the years, AAA has helped members and the traveling public on numerous fronts - roadside assistance, school safety patrol, driver education, travel and touring information, and lodging and dining recommendations. And along the way, it became one of the most recognized and respected names in the world.

Over the past 100-plus years, AAA has grown from serving as the motorist’s ally to offering its members a wide range of products and services.

We are committed to

  • AAA Members:

    We exist for our members and will judge everything we do by how well it serves their needs. AAA services, programs, and products will meet the highest standards of quality, and will be continually reviewed to ensure maximum member benefit. AAA services and products will be tested, proved practical and reliable, and offered only to add value to membership.

  • The Association:

    We are committed to protecting the AAA brand, to enhancing member benefits and our competitive strengths, and to growing both membership and retention rates. We are committed to the federation structure and to the sovereignty of affiliated clubs. Our goal is long-term success and stability, not short-term advantage. We will devote adequate study to business and policy decisions to be confident we are acting correctly.

  • AAA Employees:

    We will maintain a work environment that fosters a culture of support, cooperation, development, and mutual respect. We will collaborate with associates across all levels and departments, and will be inclusive of diverse backgrounds, thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. We will treat all AAA associates fairly with regard to employment opportunities, compensation, potential for advancement, education and training. We will recognize and reward our associates for exemplary contributions to AAA’s mission.

  • Community and Country:

    We will be good corporate neighbors, engaging in public service consistent with our mission, the needs of members, the communities we serve, and the national interest. . In pursuing public policy positions, AAA will remain objective and responsible, relying on our credibility, expertise, and research in public policy formulation.

AAA Cares

At AAA National we have spent decades helping those in our community and creating the best possible work environment for our associates. Commitment to community is one of the fundamental Basic Beliefs that guide the association’s mission, operations, and corporate behavior. In 2018, we launched AAA Cares, a new initiative that brings together our community relations, volunteerism, board service, corporate giving, employee appreciation, and employee activities efforts under one, unified initiative. Through AAA Cares, we are maximizing the good AAA can do in the world by engaging in activities that support our mission, the needs of our associates and members, and the communities we serve.