Zip Code Help

Common Problems Using the Zip Code Routing Page

Sometimes entering a zip code does not work. The same page may reload, asking for your zip code again. This problem may happen if we experience server problems. Here are some common workarounds that may help you find your club.

Possible Solutions

Try Entering your zip code again. U.S. Zip codes should be 5 digits. (ex. 57401) Canadian postal codes should include a space in the center. (ex. V1H 1J6) - Click Here to Try Again in a New Browser Window. If you continue to have problems, please fill out the comments form and describe details of the problem along with information about what type of browser and operating system you are using.

Other Problems

For all other problems, please fill out the comments form describing the problem in detail and someone will contact you to provide assistance.
We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Thank you,

The Team