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Providing expert ratings based on member priorities and reliable insight for travel and everyday decisions

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Behind the nearly 59,000 AAA Inspected & Approved and Diamond Rated hotels and restaurants is a team of professional, highly trained AAA inspectors. And behind every inspector are the travel information needs and expectations of 59 million AAA/CAA members.
MEMBERS are the reason for AAA inspections — so the places you select provide the experiences you expect.
INSPECTORS are industry experts who apply the extensive Diamond Rating Guidelines, weighted by member priorities, to assign ratings of One to Five AAA Diamonds.
HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS that undergo the extensive review to become AAA Approved and Diamond Rated place a high value on AAA/CAA member business.
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Diamond Awards
Each year, AAA announces all hotels and restaurants across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean that received the Four or Five Diamond Rating during the previous year. See highlights of selected new honorees and the complete lists for 2019.
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Courtesy of Esperanza An Auberge Resort