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In the Know

If you only have a short time to visit Ghent and would like to get a real flavour of the city, here are some ideas:

Ways to be a Local

  • As soon as a problem arises, demand a people's referendum.
  • You hate the parking problems and the highly illogical road signs.
  • Your watch just happens to stop in the pub.
  • You laugh when that happens.
  • You always laugh at the tunes on mobile telephones.
  • If you can act like an artist you are most probably an artist.
  • In the winter you miss the Ghent Festivals.
  • In the summer you moan about the crowds.
  • You think it's a scandal that as a taxpayer you have to pay for S.M.A.K. modern art museum.
  • You don't like drunks unless you are drunk yourself.

Good Places to have Lunch

  • Artevelde (Moderately priced) Address: Vrijdagmarkt 6 Phone: 09-2335288 . Flemish specialities such as waterzooi, stew and hotpot.
  • Avalon (Inexpensive) Address: Geldmunt 32 Phone: 09-2243724. All organic food. Lunch 12-2
  • De Grill (Moderately priced) Address: Korenlei 23 Phone: 09-22 50974. Fish and meat grills, speciality cote à l'os.
  • Het spijker (Moderately priced) Address: Graslei 10 Phone: 09-23 40635. Waterzooi in an historic setting.
  • De Foyer Theatercafé (Moderately priced) Address: St Baafsplein 17 Phone: 09-2253275. Simple sandwiches and sophisticated cuisine.
  • Belfort (Moderately priced) Address: Magheleinstraat Phone: 09-2241291. Pizzeria but also has French cuisine.
  • Bloch (Inexpensive) Address: Veldstraat 62 Phone: 09-2257085. First rate Jewish pâtisserie.
  • Brooderie (Inexpensive) Address: Jan Breydelstraat 8 Phone: 09-2250623. Small sandwiches with all kinds of smoked delicacies.
  • Foyer S.M.A.K. (Inexpensive) Address: Citadelpark Phone: 09-2211703. Tasty and healthy cuisine in an arty atmosphere.
  • Krokantino (Inexpensive) Address: Korte Munt 8 Phone: 09-2242729. Various snacks.

Photogenic Streets

  • Ballenstraat
  • Bennesteeg
  • Biezekapelstraat
  • Corduwanierstraat
  • Donkersteeg
  • Graslei
  • Jan Breydelstraat
  • Provenierstraat
  • Serpentstraat
  • Vanderdonckdoorgang

Essential Things To Do

  • Listen to a Carillon concert from the Belfort.
  • Visit the S.M.A.K..
  • Take a boat trip on the river or canal.
  • Eat some chocolate.
  • Go out on a Thursday evening.

Best Views

  • St Michielsbrug
  • Donjon Gravensteen
  • Kathedraaltoren
  • Skipiste Blaarmeersen
  • University Hospital Restaurant

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