Destination: Ghent
Eat & Drink

Eating in Ghent is not cheap but the prices are justified in that you are eating food that is guaranteed freshly cooked and everything is prepared to a high standard.

Vegetarian Food

A local will usually think that as a vegetarian you are denying yourself great pleasure. Nevertheless, most restaurants will have a vegetarian dish (even if not on the menu) and will respect your eating habits. You just have to ask.

Student Restaurant

Young people with a student card can eat cheaply and well during the academic year (Oct-Jun) in the student restaurant at the university. Address: Overpoort Bus: Overpoort

Chip Stalls

Chips: world famous and often the subject of Belgian jokes. You really cannot leave Belgium without visiting a chip stall at least once. Alas, competition with American-style fast food restaurants is very keen and frozen chips are gaining ground. The sad custom of serving chips with everything applies to restaurants and gives the visitor the impression that in the Belgian home nothing else is cooked but chips. Belgians themselves prefer to eat their chips at a chip stall, often to provide 'blotting paper' before getting down to some serious beer drinking. Everyone swears by their own favourite chip stall but Mia De Jaegers on the Vrijdagmarkt seems to be the choice of most local people. Ghent is also the place where people were crazy enough to run a lorry on cooking oil and, yes, it worked.


If you want to dine out in one of the many restaurants in the Patershol you will need to book a table in advance.

The Solitary Eater

The solitary eater is one of the poetic icons of the city. He or she has breakfast or lunch in the pub behind the newspaper or the magazine that most eating places offer, and in the evening is used to going to a restaurant and having a chat with the man or women behind another newspaper. Breakfast in a pub is a good way to make informal contacts.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are accepted in most restaurants including: American Express, Diners Club, Visa and Eurocard.


Pubs and restaurants that have a room set apart where mothers can breastfeed in peace display a blue sticker at the entrance with a nursing mother on it.

Price Reductions

At the tourist information office (Belfort) you can obtain a list of shops, hotels and restaurants. If you make an arrangement via any of the hotels on the list you can claim a number of vouchers for price reductions at shops and museums.

Pub Crawls

Pub crawls are organised regularly. During Whit weekend there is a big jazz pub crawl. The names of pubs taking part are shown on posters in the city.


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