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What to Pack When You Travel With Your Pet

What to Pack When You Travel With Your Pet

Your vacation will be much more relaxing if you have everything your pet needs while you're away. Just like you'd pack your own suitcase and one for each of your children, it is important to pack your pet's things when you intend to travel with him. Don't forget these essentials.

•Carrier or crate. (See Choosing the Right Carrier or Crate for the Trip.)

•Nylon or leather collar or harness, license tag, ID tag(s) and leash. All should be sturdy and should fit your pet properly.

•Food and water dishes.

•Can opener and spoon (for canned food).

•An ample supply of food, plus a few days' extra.

•Bottled water from home. (Many animals are finicky about their drinking water.)

•Cooler with ice.

•Healthy treats.

•Medications, if necessary.

•Health certificate and other required documents.

•A blanket or other bedding. (If your pet is used to sleeping on the furniture, bring an old blanket or sheet to place on top of the hotel's bedding.)

•Litter supplies (for cats or other small animals), a scooper and plastic bags (for dogs).

•Favorite toys.

•Carpet deodorizer.

•Chewing preventative.

•A recent photograph and a written description including name, breed, gender, height, weight, coloring and distinctive markings.

•Grooming supplies (comb/brush, nail clippers, shampoo, cloth and paper towels, cotton balls/tissues).

•First-aid kit (gauze, bandages, adhesive tape, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, ointment, muzzle, scissors, tweezers for removing ticks/burrs/splinters/etc., local emergency phone numbers, first-aid guide such as Pet First Aid: Cats & Dogs, published by The Humane Society of the United States and the American Red Cross).

By packing everyday essentials, such as food and water bowls, and plenty of emergency items, you ensure your vacation is safe and fun for the entire family, including Spot or Snowball. Of course, don't forget the toys. Just like human kids, your pet will need stimulation during travel.