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Chagrin Scenic River Road

Road Trip

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flickr/Jon Dawson
6.9 miles: 11 minutes
The 7-mile Chagrin Scenic River Road runs on SR 174 in northeast Ohio—just east of Cleveland—from Gates Mills to Willoughby. Part of the trip is in North Chagrin Reservation, one of the 18 reservations making up the Cleveland Metroparks system. The reservation has wetlands, woodlands and wildlife. Watch for deer.
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6.9 miles: 11 minutes
SR 174 (Chagrin River Road) is named for the river, but you won’t get too many glimpses of it on this brief jaunt due to heavy forestation. Near Wilson Mills Road, a bridge—which features brickwork and even flower boxes—offers one of the best views of the Chagrin River. Outside North Chagrin Reservation, the scenery includes beautiful houses on nice properties.