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Watertown, NY to Canada Scenic Highway

Road Trip

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28.0 miles: 27 minutes
A trip on I-81 toward Canada offers a picturesque landscape, including villages and the St. Lawrence River. Crossing the waterway on Thousand Islands International Bridge, drivers should get a good look at the chain of some 1,800 islands, which vary in size. Anyone angling for a detour will be happy to hear boating and fishing are popular activities in this area.
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28.0 miles: 27 minutes
Some 1,800 islands, ranging from the size of a boulder to a whole town, occupy the St. Lawrence River, which can be reached from I-81 and Thousand Islands International Bridge. It’s a resort area, so along the way, visitors on the Watertown, N.Y. to Canada Scenic Highway can enjoy the idyllic countryside as well as activities such as boating and fishing for salmon and lake trout.