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Allegheny National Forest Scenic Drive

Road Trip

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18.8 miles: 21 minutes
Via SR 321, steer into the dense greenwood that is Pennsylvania's only national forest, where black cherry trees thrive next to giant oaks beside clear running streams in the foothills of the Appalachians. The vast Kinzua Bay—a tributary of the Allegheny River—sparkles like a jewel midway along the route.
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18.8 miles: 21 minutes
Sugar maple, yellow poplar, black cherry and red maple cover the Allegheny National Forest like a vibrant quilt. Leaf peepers can expect a dazzling show in late September through early October. SR 321 climbs into highlands, curving past Kinzua Bay; pull over and absorb the silence of the forest punctuated by the birdsong of winter wrens and hermit thrushes.