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Hershey, PA Dutch Country

Road Trip

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197.0 miles: 5 hours, 32 minutes
A trip through Pennsylvania Dutch Country brings visitors face-to-face with history, through the business and philanthropic dreams of a local chocolate maker, the rustic lifestyle chosen by pilgrims who came in search of religious freedom and the national memorial to one of the Civil War's fiercest battles. The region’s colorful past also is seen in its many quaint covered bridges.
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Harrisburg to Lancaster
62.0 miles: 1 hours, 52 minutes
Just a few miles outside of Harrisburg lies Hummelstown, home to stunning Indian Echo Caverns. Or, follow your nose to the sweet chocolate empire created by Milton S. Hershey. Once you've got your chocolate fix, pay a visit to the Ephrata Cloister, a religious community founded in 1732 by German settlers.
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Lancaster to York
53.4 miles: 1 hours, 37 minutes
Lancaster Valley is the epicenter of Amish and Mennonite culture, boasting attractions like the Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum and The Amish Experience Theater at Plain & Fancy Farm. You also can tour Amish homes and farms and experience a horse and buggy ride conducted by the Amish.
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York to Harrisburg
81.7 miles: 2 hours, 2 minutes
At the Colonial Complex in York, you can take a guided tour of 18th-century structures and view several exhibitions. Afterward, motor down Lincoln Highway to Gettysburg National Military Park, where the words of President Abraham Lincoln's most famous speech still echo amid the tombstones.