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Lake Wallenpaupack Scenic Highway

Road Trip

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19.5 miles: 24 minutes
Following the shores of Lake Wallenpaupack, the Lake Wallenpaupack Scenic Highway in extreme northeast Pennsylvania meanders around curves like a lazy river. From the road, you can’t quite see the expansive lake for most of the drive, but you know it’s there. Not far from the Poconos, this area has winter skiing and winter sports as well as summer offerings at the lake.
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19.5 miles: 24 minutes
Once you do get close to the cool, calm waters of Lake Wallenpaupack, you’ll want to stop for a picnic, go for a swim, or visit one of the boat rental sites to ask about a few hours out on the water. Though this byway offers great wooded views and is calming and rural, the best part may be the path that you carve out on the lake from behind the wheel of a watercraft.