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Virginia's Northern Journey Through Hallowed Ground Historic Byway

Road Trip

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107.2 miles: 3 hours, 0 minutes
America’s legacy is highlighted along Virginia’s Northern Journey Through Hallowed Ground Historic Byway, a segment of a 180-mile area that also runs through Pennsylvania and Maryland. Virginia’s northern section offers a way to visit historic homes and businesses as well as participate in events that celebrate the American experience.
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Maryland state line to Leesburg
25.9 miles: 51 minutes
Enjoy the beautiful drive on US 15 from the Maryland state line to Leesburg. You’ll find rolling pastures, historic homes and even a restaurant built circa 1888 that used to be a bank. While there, see if there are any events to attend and try to learn about Leesburg’s role in American history, particularly the War of 1812 and the Civil War.
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Wikimedia Commons/Karen Nutini
Leesburg to Haymarket
24.4 miles: 43 minutes
Continue learning about area history on your way from Leesburg to Haymarket. You'll come across some notable places, including the home of Nobel laureate and military leader George C. Marshall. Then make time to eat at a historic restaurant that was once a working mill before you continue along the byway.
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Haymarket to Culpeper
37.5 miles: 55 minutes
Driving Haymarket to Culpeper you might notice the availability of local produce and a number of vineyards. This route would be a good one to get a taste of the culinary side of Virginia. Try local products at a restaurant or take a tour. There’s also Civil War history to explore along the way; consider taking a tour to learn more.
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Carole J. Buckwalter/Wikimedia
Culpeper to Orange
19.4 miles: 28 minutes
Continue your drive from Culpeper to Orange. There are many possible stops to make along the route, including a presidential home that’s a must-see. James Madison, who was the fourth president of the United States, lived near Orange. With so much to do, consider staying overnight or grabbing a bite to eat at a historic establishment before you go.