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Little Missouri National Grassland Scenic Highway

Road Trip

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31.8 miles: 26 minutes
Gently winding I-94 offers breathtaking vistas of southwestern North Dakota’s mostly rugged terrain. Traveling west through the Little Missouri National Grassland, prairie flatlands quickly rise up to form buff-colored buttes and canyons of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park alive with yellow, orange, rust and violet hues. Painted Canyon’s luminous visual effects are loveliest at sunrise or sunset.
31.8 miles: 26 minutes
The byway, bisected by the meandering Little Missouri River, takes you past long and short grass prairies, canyons and rock formations. I-94 runs along the southern border of Theodore Roosevelt National Park’s South Unit offering views of the badlands’ jagged peaks and steep-sided troughs, inhospitable territory that proved daunting to 19th-century pioneers.