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Nebraska's Historic Lincoln Highway

Road Trip

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This drive trip covers a 469-mile portion of the original Lincoln Highway (US 30). It takes you across the whole state of Nebraska (from east to west)—showing off its Midwest beauty. With the exception of a few small towns, this journey is a predominantly rural route; farmland is the main scenery.
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Iowa state line to Shelton
Miles and miles of farmland and train tracks accompany US 30; at some points these are all you can see for long stretches at a time. Occasional silos and farmhouses dot the landscape too. You’ll pass Fremont State Recreation Area, which offers abundant recreation opportunities, including boating and hiking. The bridge over Loup River is a highlight.
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Great Platte River Road Archway Monument/not available
Shelton to North Platte
Railroad tracks, fields and silos continue to closely parallel US 30 on this leg of the trip. In Kearney the fields temporarily give way to businesses and a residential area as well as The University of Nebraska at Kearney campus. Crossing over the North Platte River in North Platte is a nice way to end this leg.
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North Platte to Wyoming state line
The rural US 30 scenes continue on the final leg of this trip—more fields, more flatland. Chappell Lake provides a contrast to all the earth tones. If your trip takes place in mid-June, plan to check out North Platte’s