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Ponderosa Pine Scenic Route

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Vishwanath Bhat/iStockphoto.com
Idaho’s Ponderosa Pine Scenic Route (SR 21) encompasses flatland, rocky vistas, mountain views and lush forested landscapes. Arid foothills near Boise give way to the high mountain woodlands of the Boise National Forest. The Boise River and small creeks accompany a good portion of the route, adding an extra layer of scenic value.
SR 21 begins with shades of brown dominating the scenery. The Boise River and creeks bring some blues to the palette. Once you get deeper into Boise National Forest—more than 2 million acres populated with Douglas firs and ponderosa pines—the terrain becomes more lush. “Watch for Rocks” signs caution about the rocks stacked perilously high alongside the road.