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Wyoming's Scenic Route 352

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27.3 miles: 46 minutes
Ranches have long operated in western Wyoming, where the land—expansive valleys and grassy hillsides—is ideal for raising cattle. City slickers can even take advantage of working ranches that offer the experience of herding and rounding up cattle. For travelers who aren’t going to saddle up, SR 352 offers a scenic taste of Wyoming ranchland country.
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27.3 miles: 46 minutes
Pinedale is flanked by three mountain ranges: the Wind River Range, the Wyoming Range and the Gros Ventre Range. Three miles east is Fremont Lake, a deep blue glacial lake with a backdrop of soaring peaks. From Pinedale SR 352 follows the course of the Green River to the ghost town of Cora. Backtrack to US 191, which provides access to Grand Teton National Park.