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Chinook Pass Scenic Byway

Road Trip

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Courtesy of Washington State Dept of Transportation
Seasonal route: The road is subject to closure in winter. Forested mountain peaks, granite protrusions and the Emmons Glacier give this area a distinctly alpine feel. A number of rivers run along SR 410 as it meanders through the sub-alpine meadows and lodgepole pine woods of the Gifford Pinchot and Wenatchee National Forests. The route also offers excellent access to Mt. Rainier National Park.
Chinook Pass Scenic Byway winds through horse country, past the Mud Mountain Reservoir and along the White River into Federation Forest State Park. Ice-capped Mt. Rainier is visible from the hills above the river. Other views include the Sourdough Mountains and Emmons Glacier. The road follows the American River through the Gifford Pinchot and Wenatchee National Forests.