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Elgin-Paradise Scenic Drive

Road Trip

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flickr/J. Stephen Conn
43.1 miles: 49 minutes
Washington SR 129 becomes SR 3 in Oregon where it continues a twisting course among steep, eroded hillsides. The scrubby and virtually treeless landscape flattens out and enters stands of ponderosa pine as it approaches Wallowa-Whitman National Forest. Eventually the trees recede again and the Wallowa Mountains appear on the southern horizon as the road nears Enterprise.
43.1 miles: 49 minutes
Popular with motorcyclists, Oregon's SR 3 (Enterprise-Lewiston Highway) winds south from the Washington border, hugging rugged hillsides. Near the entrance to Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, 30 miles north of Enterprise, Joseph Canyon Viewpoint offers a scenic stopping point with interpretive signs explaining the area's importance to the Nez Perce tribe.