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Hells Canyon/Wallowa Valley Scenic Highway

Road Trip

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Courtesy of Baker County Tourism
44.2 miles: 52 minutes
Between the towns of Elgin, Ore., and Enterprise, Ore., SR 82 passes through ranchland and into the particularly scenic Wallowa River Valley between the Blue and Wallowa mountains. SR 82 is also called the Wallowa Lake Highway because it continues past Enterprise to Joseph and lovely 5-mile-long Wallowa Lake.
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44.2 miles: 52 minutes
From Elgin, Hells Canyon/Wallowa Valley Scenic Highway heads east, encountering first the Minam River and then the Wallowa. The two-lane road passes through a narrow portion of the Wallowa River Valley, with the sparkling river just a few yards away. Minam State Park is just off SR 82, and a small rest area a couple miles east offers a perfect opportunity to pause and enjoy the scenery.