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North Shore Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Byway

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66.5 miles: 1 hours, 18 minutes
The mighty Columbia River flows 1,243 miles from its headwaters in British Columbia to the Pacific Ocean, in the process carving a passage through volcanic rock that delineates much of the Washington/Oregon border. Towering basalt cliffs and sweeping panoramic views are scenic hallmarks of SR 14, which follows the northern side of the Columbia River Gorge.
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66.5 miles: 1 hours, 18 minutes
While the replica of England's Stonehenge at Maryhill is man-made, nature's floodwaters created the Columbia River Gorge. Buff-colored hills flank SR 14 between Wishram and White Salmon, with 11,239-foot Mount Hood in Oregon a prominent distant feature. Another panoramic vista is near Stevenson, where the cantilevered Bridge of the Gods spans the Columbia River.